Industry: Photography

Services: Logo Design & Website Design

wedding photography website

Project description

We worked with Norbert from 2019 when we started creating his new photography studio logo and brand identity. In 2020 we started putting together a plan and a good strategy for his website design. On the actual website we develop a clean and easy to use interface with on point information about his work, a portfolio page where he displayed his best work a blog section related to photography and a contact page with a form where future brides and grooms can get in touch with him and they can request a price quote. Of course the website is mainly focused on mobile users and its 100% mobile friendly.


My passion for photography began at the age of 14, when I received my first pocket camera. From here I evolved from one camera to another until 2013, when I started to photograph the first events as an apprentice, then the second shooter, and from 2015 to dedicate myself 100% to wedding photography. This passion changed the interior of a shy and withdrawn man into an open one, who today communicates much more easily and without emotions.

I want to offer the bride and groom an unforgettable experience, both through my photos and my character. At the same time, I would be very happy for the bride and groom to relive those magical moments of that day every time they view the photos or the photo album.