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Client: The company’s headquarters are located in Târnăveni, on Prefect Vasile Moldovan Street no. 50. Here, in 1918, Count Gyarfas Elemer, at that time a member of the Budapest Parliament, began the construction of the mansion which is today the administrative headquarters of S.C. Agromec Tânăveni S.A. The owner was a member of the Parliament of Budapest, and the administration of the estate was the responsibility of his wife. In 1947, Gyarfas Elemer was expropriated, the mansion and the 50 ha of land he owned becoming the property of the Romanian state.

Project description: We designed 2 years ago the main website for Conacul Hancu, to help them display they services and to present the facilities available at they awesome location. Now we just finished developing and lunching they online store, customized for they specific need and following straight guide regarding order placing, shipping methods, and specific condition in the order process. With the new store they can present themselves in front of they customers with a up to date eCommerce platform that is easy to use and will definitely help them reach more and more customers.

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