Industry: Transportation

Services: Logo Design & Website Design

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Truck transportation company

Project description

We meet with the company CEO and after 2 meeting we got the plan for the website done, the design and the functionality, all was laid out and we started working on the logo design, then we continued with the website itself. The colours are the company trademark color, the yellow truck, everybody knows when they see a yellow and blue truck… that is a Blema truck :) we transferred that iconic image onto the website.

The website is mobile responsive first of all, it’s fast loading on any device and meets the company requirements 100%. We also developed a custom platform just for them to help them manage the trailers and transport with a modern transportation platform.


BlemaTrans  specialises in international transports. The means of transport are adapted to the needs of their clients for export and import transport. The tariffs charged by the company are reasonable, being also negotiable depending on the characteristics of the customers’ goods, the number and frequency of the transports performed or in case of concluding a long-term contract.