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If until recently the marketing plans looked somewhat similar, namely: website, Google and Facebook Ads plus a constant presence on Instagram, well more recently no serious brand can afford to ignore the TikTok phenomenon.

Now, without a doubt, the classic question may come up: How can a youth platform “grow my business”, and you will find all the reasons in this article.

What is TikTok and why should it not be neglected?

TikTok is not exactly a new platform, but rather has gone through an extensive rebranding process. Musically, it is the main platform from which TikTok was later reached, and the impact of TikTok is absolutely incredible.

Did you know that TikTok is the fastest growing platform of the last decade? They managed to surpass the Facebook, Instagram or YouTube giants. This should be a solid argument for your business to be constantly present on TikTok, but the benefits don’t stop there.

TikTok appeared exactly when there was a bigger discrepancy between the brands and the young audience!

TikTok appeared at the right time to connect brands with young audiences. It is interesting that the young audience is in a permanent change from previous years. Their purchasing power has increased as has their tolerance for “classic” advertising methods such as TV / Radio & Facebook.

The new wave of influencers is much more specific and attentive to the needs of the young audience. And TikTok made the whole process easier.

Why to spend impressive marketing budgets to go viral?

Even if we started the article with the connection that TikTok makes between brands and young audiences, the new wave is more precise. I would say that the biggest advantage that this platform offers is namely: Accelerated viralization!

For some smaller brands, viralization was just a dream until recently, but now everything is possible. It is not the budget that makes the difference, but creativity, attention to details and knowledge of the target audience.

A concrete example is RPD ART, a brand built around the TIkTok channel by a former bank employee. He discovered his passion for calligraphy and managed to monetize it with the help of TikTok. So here it is with just a minimalist website made in WordPress and a lot of creativity.

Naturalness makes the difference on TikTok

For a long time, it is recommended that brands focus more on naturalness. Testimonials from customers to be filmed at a decent quality, but without too many blizzards. Not all brands have taken this into account, but TikTok has come to change the rules a bit.

Certainly in years to come the level at which to invest substantial sums for the production of videos on TikTok, but at the moment the solution is simple: Sincerity + Naturalness + Know How = Organically earned audience.

People want to learn something from interacting with your brand, not just making a direct sale. Choose to go through a funnel, drive from TikTok to the website or YouTube and slowly but surely monetize the potential of this platform.

3 ideas that you can implement right now to attract more traffic

    1. No matter what business it is, show people how things are backstage. We are all curious to see what a day in a carpentry workshop or a premium clothing store really looks like.
    2. Encourage your employees to be creative. A video in which two employees from different departments ask each other a question would have great chances to bring you at least 5K views.
    3. Create an entire “series” and show in several step-by-step videos how you came to create a real brand around your business idea. Young people passionate about entrepreneurship and not only will love this kind of videos.

Are you ready to conquer new lands? TikTok is a new platform, but constantly expanding, and for an entrepreneur this can only be an OPPORTUNITY.
The interesting part is that with the scale of this platform, the existing public has diversified, so the excuse that “TikTok is only for youngers” is no longer valid for some time.Did you like the article? Leave a comment and make sure you share it to find out your friends about the benefits of TikTok. So what are you waiting for? Post the first video on the platform and go viral.

Good Luck!

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