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The year 2020 has already been considered by many an epic ”train wreck” and that implies all sorts of things. Even though last year implied huge changes and most of them not for the better, the one area that seemed to develop even more was social media. Everything moved directly to the online world and well, the internet became the prime star of the show, besides of course, the pandemic.

Now, that 2021 is here, people can’t help but wonder if the social media really is the solution for reducing the distance when it comes to relationships, whether we are talking about personal relationships or strictly professional. Social media, however, is like a coin with two faces.

Like most things in life, nothing is one hundred percent good or bad, everything needs to have a balance and balance is highly important when it comes to achieving and maintaining success. Therefore, the intricated world of social media has pros as well as cons that will be discussed in this article.

Welcome to the world of everything you want to know

Sounds like a fancy movie title, but that’s essentially what the internet is and what I think Google actually stands for. But this isn’t about me, this is about the power of social media and all the help it can bring if it’s used correctly.

For instance, improving your set of skills can be very easy when accessing social media, given the fact that you can find online courses about almost anything you need.

Useful examples

This can come in handy, especially if you have a hobby that you want to perfect or maybe turn into a business. Since we are on the topic regarding business, it’s safe to say that 2021 like the year before it, is all about promoting businesses online and even starting them there. Now, because everything is mostly done online, it’s far easier to work from home and so if, for example you’re an entrepreneur who wants to specialize in creating websites for other big companies, than you have definitely found the best place to do so.

It’s not an easy thing to learn, but as I said, this is the world that provides you with all the necessary information to improve or to learn something that has always passionate you. All that you need to do is be brave enough to act.

Another example, and yes we’re still referring to jobs and skills and what you can do to make a change for the better, because let’s face it 2021 is also about finding ways to make a living; and so if you want to find a job quick, a really good way to do that, could be visiting professional networking sites such as LinkedIn.

This website is great when it comes to companies that need assistance in search of personnel. Good thing is that this process works both ways, thus if you’re an employer looking to add more people to your company, then this websites are what you should be looking for, and vice versa.

All highs have some lows

As much as we all wish to believe otherwise, unfortunately social media is not all unicorns and rainbows.

Remember when I said that balance is highly important, well that is because without it, we would all get swept away by this endless world of information and as much as it can be fascinating, it can also easily become dangerous.

Be careful at the content…

I’m guessing we’re all familiar with fake ads and how easily people can fall into that trap of buying a certain product that will prove to be a total waste of money or just simply believing some news you read online, which turn out to be what everyone calls  fake news. This is why whenever you see an add that promises something that seems too good to be true, you have to dig into research very carefully, because the world of internet can also be used as a tool to deceive people.

Another low that the fascinating social media has, and this applies to the ads we see online as well as the type of people we follow on the internet, is the canceling of originality. This in a way can come as a bizarre idea, because social media is essentially the canvas that becomes the portrayal of its user.

While that’s true, the red flag appears when you notice that sadly originality is slowly no longer important, people tend to follow a certain trend that works and if we’re talking about ads and ideas of promoting a business, again it’s the same mentality, people go with what sales, with what brings them more profit. And in a way, it makes sense.

But if everything becomes a blur of the same offers, the same ideas, the lines used to get the attention, then my question and I think everyone’s is ” What do I buy? Who do I trust?”.

This is where originality comes into play and why my suggestion is that you should always come up with something new, even if it might not work from the start. People will always be more cautious around what they don’t know and it’s true, but does that mean you should not even try? No! You have to try and always keep trying in order to succeed.

I believe that social media is an open game really: you bring what you can to the table, what matters is to bring something new and most of all, stay true to yourself.

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