Case study – The Bean

1. The client

Located in the picturesque heart of Sighisoara, The Bean aims to offer an authentic and flavorful experience to all coffee lovers. Through this logo redesign, we aimed to strengthen the connection between the cafe’s identity and the rich cultural and historical landscape of the city, thus offering customers not only a delicious drink, but also a journey into the heart of local traditions and authentic hospitality.

2. Mood board

During our research and inspiration process, we explored not only the charming narrow streets of Sighisoara, but also the fascinating story of coffee in the local culture. Drawing inspiration from the past and the present, we sought to bring the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, between elegance and originality, in the design of the new logo.

3. Preliminary drafts

In the initial stage of the creative process, we experimented with various approaches and styles, trying to find the most expressive and relevant way to translate the essence of The Bean and the essence of Sighisoara into images. From quick sketches to elaborate illustrations, we explored a wide range of ideas, always emphasizing originality and visual impact.

4. Concepts

As the design process evolved, we worked closely with the team at The Bean to refine and adapt the initial concepts based on feedback and specific project requirements. At this stage, we sought to outline not only an image of the cafe, but also an engaging story that would be reflected in every aspect of the final logo.

5. The final design

The final logo for The Bean is the result of a creative journey and close collaboration between our team and the cafe’s. With every line and every shade, we tried to convey not only the exceptional quality and aroma of the coffee, but also the authentic spirit of Sighisoara. With careful attention to detail and a careful iterative process, we arrived at the final design of The Bean logo. It harmoniously integrates the coffee bean and the Sighisoara clock tower, thus reflecting the close connection between the cafe and its location. The colors and fonts chosen communicate professionalism and hospitality while being memorable and distinctive.

6. Label design

While the logo is the starting point of The Bean’s visual identity, the labels on the coffee bags complement and emphasize our brand story. At this stage of the creative process, we focused on creating labels that reflect both the exceptional quality of our coffee and the unique spirit of Sighisoara.

We considered every detail, from the selection of materials and colors, to the layout and the message conveyed. We made sure that every element of the design tells an engaging and authentic story about the provenance and production process of our coffee, thus making our consumption experience even more memorable and distinctive.

Taking inspiration from the visuals and colors used in The Bean logo, we created labels that provide a natural continuation of our brand while bringing a fresh and modern feel. We have made strategic choices about the fonts, images and information included so that the labels are attractive and informative to our customers, regardless of the environment in which they are encountered.